Product and technology transfer

Our staff has experience with FDA and other international regulatory agencies and can assist with the following:

  • In-house assessment
  • Preparation of Technology Transfer Documents (TTD)
  • Evaluation of manufacturing process for improvement and troubleshooting
  • Equipment selection and system design consulting 
  • Quality investigations

Validation services

full life cycle

We offer validation services for all types of manufacturing and packaging equipment. Our main expertise is in pharmaceutical inspection systems for particle and cosmetic defects, such as:  Eisai/Bosch, Wilco, Brevetti, Seidenader and Nikka Densok.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our technical knowledge and the commitment to our customers are the keys to the success of your validation projects. We offer validation services as applicable to the following:

  • Equipment, systems, and processes: including Functional Requirements, Systems Specifications, Validation Master Plan, Factory Acceptance Tests, Commissioning, Traceability Matrix, Site Acceptance Tests; Installation, Operation, and Performance Qualification
  • Cleaning validation
  • Computer Systems validation
  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • Knapp Statistical Study
  • Facilities design consulting



Other services offered:

  • Inspector training
  • Manual Inspection for determination of Rejection Probability using Knapp approach
  • Smoke Profile Testing (for clean rooms)
  • Particulate Monitoring for area classification

Validation Services for Pharmaceutical Industry